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Sunday Times bestselling author Vernon Coleman has written over 100 books which have sold over two million copies in the UK alone. His books have been translated into 25 languages and sell in over 50 countries. His novels include Mrs Caldicot's Cabbage War (which has been turned into a film), Mrs Caldicot's Knickerbocker Glory, The Man Who Inherited a Golf Course, The Village Cricket Tour, Deadline, Paris in my Springtime, It's Never Too Late? and the Bilbury series of novels. His books on cats include Alice's Diary, Alice's Adventures, Cat Fables, Cat Tales and We Love Cats. His medical bestsellers include Bodypower, Mindpower, Food for Thought, How To Stop Your Doctor Killing You, Superbody and Coleman's Laws. The global bestseller Bodypower was voted one of the top 100 books by British readers. His books on politics include England Our England, Living In A Fascist Country, Gordon is a Moron, The OFPIS File, What Happens Next? Oil Apocalypse, and 2020. He has also written The 100 Greatest Englishmen and Englishwomen.

Vernon Coleman's books have been serialised in newspapers and magazines all over the world and many have been turned into television and radio series. He was the Television Doctor on British television and the first agony uncle on the BBC.

Dr Coleman is a registered and licensed general practitioner principal and a former Professor of Holistic Medical Sciences at the International Open University in Sri Lanka. He has an honorary DSc. He has given evidence to the House of Commons and the House of Lords in London. He has co-authored four books with his wife, Donna Antoinette Coleman. (Health Secrets Doctors Share With Their Families, How To Conquer Health Problems Between Ages 50 and 120, Animal Miscellany and England's Glory).

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