Vernon Coleman's Advice Is Ten Years Ahead Of The Rest (Again) - by Donna Davidson

On the 19th August 2005, newspapers in Britain excitedly told their readers that there were two new ways to avoid breast cancer.

First, it was claimed that new evidence showed that women who ate a low fat diet would have a smaller chance of developing cancer of the breast.

Second, it was claimed that women could minimise their risk of developing breast cancer by losing excess weight.

This advice was widely advertised as `new'.

But, in fact, the description of this advice as `news' is just another example of the way that the British press (and their medical correspondents) are invariably years out-of-date.

Both these pieces of advice (complete with all the scientific evidence backing them up) were given in detail in Vernon Coleman's books: Food for Thought (first published in 1994), Power Over Cancer (first published in 1996) and How To Stop Your Doctor Killing You (first published in 1996).

Advertisements for these books were banned by the British Establishment because the books upset the drug, meat and medical industries.

Here is yet more evidence that relying on newspapers, magazines, television and radio for up-to-date health information is dangerous - and could be bad for your health.

Once again, as he has done literally scores of times before, Vernon Coleman has proved that he is years ahead of the press and the medical establishment in providing his readers with accurate, life-saving advice.

Here are quotes from some of Vernon Coleman's many readers:

`I see from the latest press reports that:

1. Airline `air' is bad for us because it is recycled
2. Antibiotics have been overprescribed and misused
3. Prescription drugs are killing people
4. Eating meat causes cancer

Now where have I read all this before?
Mrs D.C., Isle of Wight

`Your books - both fiction and non-fiction - are an absolute tonic.'
Mr R.W., Sussex

`I have read with great interest your books Rogue Nation and Confronting the Global Bully and admire your courage and perception. My wife and I have also read (and put into practice) the advice given in your books How To Stop Your Doctor Killing You, Food for Thought, Mindpower, Bodypower and Superbody. The results have been excellent, and we now enjoy far better health than we have had for years.'
Mr S.S., Cortes Island

`What a delightful, refreshing, practical and down-to-earth man Dr Coleman is. I just love reading his books, whether on health matters or stories or his views on politicians.'
S.T., Hampshire

`Having read three of your marvellous books so far - I have several more recently purchased to read with great anticipation - I felt I had to tell you how much I enjoyed them.'
Miss S.H., Exeter

`I have enjoyed reading your books. You bravely expose the corruption existing between the drug manufacturers and some medical practises; which other authors only hint about.'
Mrs A.B., Dorset

`I am slowly getting through your books which are marvellous...and I have accessed your website on many occasions.'
Mrs D.S., East Sussex

`I believe that everyone who cares about this country should read what Vernon Coleman has to say.'
Mr J.M., Bournemouth

`Just want to thank you for all your wonderful books. Hope to be buying more soon.'
M.A., Surrey

`I love your books, of all kinds.'
E.T., Kent

`Thank goodness there are people like you who continue to expose the cheats, the liars, the deceivers, otherwise known as politicians, bureaucrats, the military and armed services and local councillors. We need more like you!'
Mrs K.M., Sussex

`I have read several of your books and congratulate you on the way you have shed light into the dark corners of life.'
Mr C.M., Bristol

`After many years of chronic debilitating ailments, I am finding your books such a great help.'
P.M., Biddlecombe

`I am a great admirer not only of your books, but also your outspoken and forthright views which you have often been critised for, only later to be proved correct.'
Mr R.O., Luton

`I enjoy reading your books and find that I agree with virtually everything in them and also the views on your website.'
Mr P.D., Devon

`Your work is absolutely incredible and you deserve all the credit that comes your way for such great insight into what the Establishment keep hidden. Keep writing. By the way, please put yourself up for Government, as I would like to vote for you.'
A.S. by email

`I very much enjoy and profit as always from Dr Coleman's books.'
Dr K.S., Somerset

`Many thanks to Vernon Coleman for writing such brilliant books. I have enjoyed reading every one received from you.'
Mrs R.R., Watton

`You are a remarkable and kind human being...You are a real inspiration to me...You have so much impact and people take notice of you.'
O.R., Devon

`I have now finished the reading of my seven totally absorbing books - and learned much of value. Thank you for so clearly and concisely explaining and proving, what concerns any `thinking person' in today's stressed and selfish world. I also learnt much from your books about health issues - relaxation techniques, visualisation to relieve pain, eye exercises; the inner workings of the human body processes reminded me of things only half-remembered but immediately recalled and used. In fact, mentally, physically, emotionally and psychologically re-born since putting your ideas into practice.'
C.S., Spain

`Reading Dr Coleman's books I feel here is someone who has the courage to say and write what many people have felt about the way we are manipulated, brainwashed and controlled by large financial companies and the Government.'
J.J., Devon

`I would like to add my voice to many who greatly appreciate your work on behalf of animals.'
B.L, Eastbourne

`I write to let you know just what a profound effect your three books England Our England, Saving England and Rogue Nation have had on, I hope, not just myself.'
R.H. Gloucestershire

`I first `met' Vernon Coleman in a newspaper 20 years ago and was so impressed I sent for his book which changed my life. I followed it up with Bodypower which is my bible. His books have helped me to survive.'

`I am reading Bodypower. A lot of doctors and drug companies won't like it but I do. I like it a lot.'
I.T. Middlesex

'how To Stop Your Doctor Killing You' has probably saved my life.
D.C., Somerset

`I would like you and your readers to know that here is one doctor who firmly agrees with you, particularly about doctors and drugs. Your books are a revelation and I have recommended them to patients, as well as to friends and relatives.'
Dr B.R. (hospital consultant)

`Just to say how much I enjoyed How To Stop Your Doctor Killing You. I echo the sentiments, and will be ordering some of the other books when my backlog of reading allows. I too am a health care professional, but longing to break free. Good to hear a kindred spirit.'
S.E., Weston-super-Mare

`I am writing first of all to congratulate you on the forthright and positive view expressed in your excellent book How To Stop Your Doctor Killing You.
Mr J.E., Sheffield

`Congratulations on your book How To Stop Your Doctor Killing You. I hope your informed comments get through to more people.'
J.G., Bristol

`Many, many thanks for your book How To Stop Your Doctor Killing You - you have probably saved my life!'
D.C., Somerset

`...every house should have one and, of course, your other super book Bodypower, then perhaps more people would take full responsibility for their health.'
Mr R.G., Carmarthenshire

`I have been a fan of yours for many years, agreeing wholeheartedly with your views.'
B.D., Surrey

`I have purchased several of your books, which I have enjoyed immensely and found to be very informative and enlightening.'
L.G. Sussex

`I have read many of your books and borrowed some from libraries, though I found that was far from easy. You have always made more sense to me than many of the doctors who have treated me.'
D.N., London

`I have always looked forward to reading your views and so agree with all you say. I only wish you could be Prime Minister, maybe then we would get things right.'
C.B., Essex

`Long may you continue to educate and enlighten us.'
R.W., Middlesex

`You are the voice for those of us who do not have access to the people who can make a difference.'
S.I., South Yorkshire

`Such splendid and enjoyable books from such a considerate firm of publishers - who could ask for more.'
M.L., Surrey

`Thank you so much for your great work.'

`I'm sure I'm not the only reader who derives great cheer from your incisive approach to politicians, professionals, business people and their inescapable spokespersons. More power to your elbow.'
J.W., Fife

`Continued thanks for phenomenal research. Keep up the bold and challenging work.'
S.H., Guernsey

`His work is absolutely necessary nowadays.'
D.T., West Sussex

`My thanks once more to Dr Coleman for his efforts and courage and sincerity.'
N.I., Avon

`Many people are now obliged to agree with things you have been saying for 30 years or more.'
J.F., Berkshire

`You're changing the world into a better place.'

`We are most impressed with how clear and understandable the books are.'
P.B., Rugby

`Thank you for always speaking up for the animals.'
D.S., Norfolk

`I sincerely admire you for your courage and the good work you do in raising health issues.'
L.C., London

`Keep up your work. Being different and being an individual is the bravest thing any human being can ever be.'
S.G., Sussex

`You are a breath of fresh air.'
J.L., Cleveland

`How often you have been proved to be right in your are like a beam of piercing light in a dark tunnel of ignorance and blinding orthodoxy.'
B.B., Droitwich

`Well done for not being afraid of going against the establishment.'
M.Q., Kent

`I would like to thank you for giving your readers so much accurate information over the last few years.'
P.B., by e-mail

`Dr Coleman is one of the great unsung heros of today. Keep on fighting for the underdog.'
T.H., by e-mail

`I would just like to thank you for your honesty towards all things in life. You are an inspiration in a world that is full of conceit and materialism. You care about real issues. I wish the world was full of open and honest people like yourself, not just the `luvvies' who worship the ground the rich and famous walk on. You are one of the people who offer hope.'
G.H., Liverpool

`I need to write to let you know what an inspiration you are to me. Your writings have totally changed the way I see the medical profession and have given me more confidence in helping myself, my family and friends. I do regret that you are unable to reach a TV or radio audience. It is a great loss to open-minded people. Please do be assured that you do have a great influence on many people and we hope you will go from strength to strength.'
P.B., Cambridgeshire

`I am an avid reader of your medical books. I work in a large hospital and stress comes with the job. Life was on a downward spiral. I remembered your books and began to read them again. The change in me was instantaneous both physically and mentally. I took a good hard look at my life and began to relise what was really important. The books are doing the rounds at work and are greatly helping my friends, not only with their professional problems but also with personal stresses. Thank you so much for your great books.'
T.W., by e-mail

`You seem like a sane voice in a mad world.'
J.P., Gwent

`Your website has encouraged and inspired me to become a vegetarian.'
L.B. by e-mail

`We need people like you to tell us the truth. You are an inspiration.'

`Thank you for your wonderful books. They have made my life so much healthier.'
E.R., Staffs

`Your books have always fascinated me, both fiction and non-fiction.'
S.Y., Kent

`Thank you for your books. Very simple to understand and most instructive. I'd have loved to have a doctor like you. Not that I need a doctor much having read your books on health.'
T.C., London

`Over the years I have read your books. I, like many others, have great faith in you.'

`You are simply the very best.'
S.C., Middlesborough

`I find your work, your writing and your words totally uplifting.'
T.M., Lincolnshire

`Thank you for all the insider knowledge you have passed on to your readers that `they' would rather we didn't know about.'
J.F., Pontefract

`You are an inspiration to many, many people.'
L.H., by e-mail

`Your writing is both stimulating and inspirational.'
A.R., Norfolk

`Dr Coleman is a treasure and a beacon of light, so vital today.'
O.J., Hampshire

`I have ordered several books from you, all of which I have enjoyed immensely. I think the service is very good from your company. Your company seems to take a genuine interest in your customers; you send catalogues with every book you send out, you are polite on the phone and never seem to mind taking the trouble to answer queries. This is rare in this day and age....even if something were to go wrong, such as a book arriving damaged, I have every confidence that you would deal with the problem. I hope to order from Publishing House many times in the future.'
S.P., Birmingham.

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