The Big Vaccine Deception

Dr Vernon Coleman MB ChB DSc FRSA

When I was young measles was just one of those common childhood diseases that every child got. Parents were known to organise measles parties so that kids got the infection at a more or less convenient time.

But now the British Government and the medical establishment are becoming hysterical about vaccination Ė and they are talking about compulsory vaccination schemes.

Both rather like to imply that they are concerned with the health of the nation.

Itís actually all about money.

Letís look at the facts.

Since the year 2000, there have been a possible 12 deaths from measles in the UK. It is possible however that some of those deaths were from something else. And at least one death occurred in a child who was taking immunosuppressive drugs for another condition.

So, thatís less than one death a year from measles.

Thatís tragic. Itís unbelievably sad.

But look at the measles vaccine.

The authorities donít like saying how many people were killed by the vaccine.

But in the US (where figures are more easily available) there have been 459 related deaths from the MMR vaccine and 1,748 related disabilities.

And the side effects officially recognised as being associated with the MMR vaccine appear to include:

Herpes zoster
Blood disorders
Nerve deafness
Guillain-Barre syndrome
Anaphylactic shock
Brain inflammation
Diabetes mellitus

And several dozen other serious problems.

It is said (as though reassuringly) that serious, potentially fatal allergy reactions occur in 1 in a million individuals being vaccinated. But with millions being vaccinatedÖ

So, children who are vaccinated may develop brain damage and they may die.

They probably wonít, of course.

But then they probably wonít die from the measles either.

Wouldnít it be nice if the Government and the medical establishment were a little more honest about vaccines and the associated problems?

But donít expect that too soon.

Doctors receive a payment of £5 to £10 for every patient who is given a vaccination. And children these days have a lot of vaccinations.

Naturally, the vaccinations are usually given by a nurse or a health assistant rather than the doctor. So thatís a profit of around £50 an hour for doing nothing.

And the drug companies make huge profits out of flogging the vaccine, of course.

Oh and doctors get a big fat bonus if they manage to vaccinate enough patients.

Iím not interested in telling anyone whether or not to have a vaccination.

The decision should be a personal one made by the patient or the parents concerned.

But I do think that everyone is entitled to know the facts.

And I think patients should know that the people promoting vaccination are making big money out of it.

It would be helpful if the drug companies and the doctors who are making so much money out of vaccines would do more research to show how effective and safe vaccines really are.

But they wonít.

Because the results may prove to be rather seriously inconvenient.

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Copyright Vernon Coleman 2019

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