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Our books by Vernon Coleman are listed below in several categories - if you’re not sure of the category you want, check out the full list of titles by clicking on the link below. If you are still having problems locating the book you need, simply email us with your query.

Health / Medical books

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The Bilbury Series

Books for Animal Lovers

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Books for the visually impaired.

The following books by Vernon Coleman are available through the Royal National Institute for the Blind.

Overcoming Stress (Braille) Sex for Everyone (Braille) Life Without Tranquillisers (Audio) Women's Problems an A to Z (Audio) How to conquer Arthritis (Audio) The Traditional Home Doctor (Audio) Food For Thought (Braille) Mindpower (Audio)

This list is constantly being updated - contact the RNIB for the latest information.

A selection of Dr Coleman's books is available in large print format (including the first three Bilbury books). Please contact your local public library for further details.

The Bilbury Chronicles is available as an audio book from Soundings Ltd, Tyne and Wear. (Tel: 0191 253 4155).