Alice's Diary Alice's Diary - £9.95 hardback

Over 30,000 delighted readers from around the world have already bought this wonderful book which tells of a year in the life of a mixed tabby cat called Alice.

She records the year's events and disasters with great humour and insight and at long last gives us a glimpse of what it is really like to be a cat! Delightfully illustrated throughout, Alice's Diary is an absolute must for animal and cat lovers everywhere.

Our files are bursting with letters from confirmed fans who write and tell us how much they have enjoyed this book.

Over 40,500 copies sold.


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“I bought Alice’s Diary which was read and re-read by young and old members of my family and greatly enjoyed” (E.M. of Cheshire)

“I felt I must put paw to paper to say how very much my human and myself enjoyed your Diary” (The W Family in West Sussex)

“Alice’s Diary is one of the nicest books I have ever read. She has wonderful insight” (Mrs J of London)

  “It is a delightful book and I thoroughly enjoyed it” (M.E. of Sunderland)

“I am delighted with Alice’s Diary - I must have Alice’s Adventures” (V.H. Grimsby)