Around the wicket

Around The Wicket - £9.95 paperback

Edward Pettigrew’s Diary of A Year At Little Lampton Cricket Club

All cricket lovers will know that it is almost compulsory for anyone who plays professional cricket to write a diary detailing their adventures on and off the field. Often these literary offerings seem little more than self-congratulatory advertisements designed, on the one hand, to describe in nauseating and extensive detail the cricketer's talent, natural abilities and, on the other, his misfortune at having to play his professional cricket at a time when his county and national side were managed by ruthless incompetents whose sole purpose in life was to find excuses to leave him out of their sides!

In total contrast, Vernon Coleman believes that true cricket, in its purest sense, is played at local level, and so he decided to pen this diary (along with Edward, of course!) as a tribute to the glories and glitches of village and town cricket. And so, although today's professional game might seem to have been taken over by marketing men in smart suits, you can still find real cricket alive and well throughout England. This book follows one traditional village team throughout a year's cricketing activity (on and off the field!).

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“(This) new cricket book will bowl you over! A book to be savoured ‘over’ and ‘over’ again!” The Guardian