Bilbury Grange

Bilbury Grange - 12.95 hardback

The second novel in the Bilbury series sees the now married doctor moving into his new home - a vast and rambling country house in desperate need of renovation. With repair bills soaring and money scarce, the doctor and his new wife look for additional ways to make ends meet.

Another super novel in this series - perfect for hours of escapism!

3,000 copies sold.


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"I found the book to be brilliant. I felt as though I was part of the community. Please keep me informed of any more in this excellent series"

"A cornucopia of colourful characters help to weave a rich tapestry of village life subtly tempered with gentle humour ... the mixture of rural beauty, human nature and the odd whisper of nostalgia combine to make this book a real delight"
(Western Gazette)