Bodypower Bodypower - 9.95 paperback

It may sound too good to be true. But it is true. There is a free, doctor-approved secret with which you can, for the rest of your life, easily conquer 9 out of 10 illnesses without spending money or seeing a doctor.

When you have "Bodypower" most illnesses can be dealt with without pills or medicines and without orthodox or alternative therapies.

You can get better without spending time and money on doctors, specialists, acupuncturists, hypnotherapists or pills from the chemist - and without exposing yourself to hazardous and uncomfortable side effects.

24,000 copies of this edition sold.


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We recently published a new edition of Bodypower - the sensational book by Dr Vernon Coleman which hit the Sunday Times bestseller list and the Bookseller chart too. This fascinating book, reprinted 9 times in the UK and sold in just about every country in the world, shows how 9 out of 10 illnesses can be treated without seeing a doctor.

As a bonus, Bodypower includes simple but effective tips on: How to stay slim for life - How to improve your figure - How to break bad habits - How to relax your body and mind - and much, much more.

If you think our claims for Bodypower are difficult to believe, read what the critics have to say about it:

"One of the most sensible treatises on personal survival that has ever been published. It sets out, in the simplest language, an enormous amount of knowledge in the easiest possible way."

Yorkshire Evening Post

"Don't miss it! Dr Coleman' theories could change your life...the revolutionary way to look better and feel younger."

Sunday Mirror

"...a self help manual for maintaining or regaining health using your own resources. Prolific and broadminded former general practitioner Vernon Coleman presents his evidence with clarity and evangelical fervour..."

The Good Book Guide

"There are plenty of good books on health care in the shops and for starters I'd recommend Bodypower."

Woman's Own

"Stimulating, outspoken and easy to understand."

Oxford Mail

"Arm yourself with a copy of Bodypower - it could make stress a thing of the past."

Woman's World

"Well-written and entertaining."

Good Book Guide

"If Bodypower really caught on, it could help to save the National Health Service from slow strangulation."

The Scotsman

"Despite my own medical training and knowledge of nature's devices, Dr Coleman made me think again."

BBC World Service

"If you've got Bodypower you may never need to visit your doctor again - or take another pill!"


"...marvellously succinct ... refreshingly sensible."

The Spectator

"A sort of 'supernature' of human biology: this is both a compilation of extraordinary snippets of information about the wondrous workings of our bodies and a self-help manual for maintaining or regaining health using your own resources."

Good Book Guide

And here are some quotes from other readers:

"We finished reading Bodypower and enjoyed it very much."

L. Jones, Surrey

"I enjoyed and endorsed the book Body Power"

Mr. D., Lancashire

"I have recently read Dr. Vernon Coleman's book Bodypower which was excellent and easy to follow."

P.M., East Sussex

"I have just finished reading Bodypower and I now have a consuming desire to read all your books!"

P.D., Henley-on-Thames

"I have your book Bodypower and swear by it."

M.& A.S., Boston

"I received a copy of your book Bodypower, and I have never read anything that I so connected with."

S.I., Chester

"I am currently reading Bodypower which so far I'm very impressed with."

R.H., Dorset

"I recently read Bodypower and was most impressed."

J.S., Ulzburg

"I've just read Bodypower, it will now go into my bookshelf to be re-read many times."

G.G., High Wycombe