toxic stress Toxic Stress and the 21st Century Blues - 9.95 paperback

Do you get home feeling exhausted and fed up, only able to slump in front of the TV? Would you like to feel full of beans, on top of the world and able to enjoy every minute of the day? Let Vernon Coleman help you regain your zest for living. His inspirational book How To Overcome Toxic Stress is constantly reprinting.

5,500 copies sold.


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"This book is absolutely outstanding because it addresses a serious problem which up until now has not been identified or discussed in any meaningful way.  If you feel you have a lot of stress being generated from outside your life, this book is an absolute must.  Personally, I am going to get five copies so that I can put them in my lending library and lend them to as many people as I can."

Health Consciousness, USA

" ... inspiring ... I will be getting a copy for my daughter in the hope that she will be able to nip stress in the bud."

Deidre Sanders, The Sun

"In a world where there is plenty to depress us I find this a heartening read."

Telegraph and Argus

"This book makes good sense."

Publishing News

"Never have I read a book that is so startlingly true.  I was dumbfounded by your wisdom.  You will go down in history as one of the truly great (if not the greatest) health reformers of our time."

Mrs. M., Belfast

"I have got your book How to Overcome Toxic Stress. Brilliant!"

E.B.W., Tunbridge Wells

"an Everyman's guide to positive thinking."

Addiction Counselling World

"Sound commonsense"

Manchester Evening News

"Is for all those finding it increasingly a 'cruel and crazy world'."

Good Book Guide

"Your book, Toxic Stress was most inspiring"

A.H., Herts