how to publish your own book HOW TO PUBLISH YOUR OWN BOOK

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Ten years ago Vernon Coleman was a best-selling author whose books were published by the usual London publishers.

He had been published by many 'big name' publishers, including Pan, Penguin, Corgi, Arrow, Mandarin, Thames & Hudson, Sidgwick & Jackson, Macmillan, Robert Hale, Routledge Kegan Paul and Century - and had had numerous Top Ten best-sellers ... (continued below)

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Then he wrote a book called Alice's Diary - the memoirs of a cat. And after several London publishers rejected the book Vernon published it himself. Sales to date of this book now exceed 30,000 copies in hardback.

He has now self published 40 of his own books (both fiction and non fiction) and has bought back the rights for most of his books from "orthodox" publishers. With print runs exceeding 250,000 copies in the UK and massive sales abroad (his books have been translated into 22 languages) his venture has turned into one of the most successful small publishing businesses in the country.

In How To Publish Your Own Book Vernon Coleman gives away all his secrets and explains how anyone can publish their own book - and make money. He believes that self publishing is the best, and perhaps only, option for authors who want to write exciting, provocative new books.

How To Publish Your Own Book covers everything - including writing, printing, marketing, sales and distribution.

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