men in dresses Men in Dresses - 9.95 paperback

"Men in Dresses is full of common sense and good humour. If you read only one book about transvestism read this one."
Skin Two.

Currently out of print but Click Here for online version which you can download for free

1,000 copies sold.


"By pure chance I found your site and your Men in Dresses book. I want to thank you, first because it has helped me in my own self quest. I feel it really reassuring to find out that I'm not the only "weirdo" on this planet (which I suspected already of course, but as you say it is so hard to deal with fuild and truth at the same time). I wish that the same kind of survey was made in France (and the rest of the world) because I'm sure its result would surprise a lot of so-called "politically correct" people." (C.J. by email)

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