Mindpower - 9.95 paperback

Nothing has the potential to influence your health quite as much as your mind. Mindpower (reprinted 8 times in the UK alone) is the sequel and companion volume to Bodypower.

12,000 copies sold.


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Most doctors around the world now agree that at least three quarters of all illnesses can be caused or made worse by stress and/or anxiety. But although your mind can make you ill, it can also make you better, and it has an enormous capacity to heal and cure if you only know how to harness its extraordinary powers. Mindpower will show you how to use your natural, mental powers to improve your health.

'Offers an insight into the most powerful healing agent in the world - the power of the mind.'

Birmingham Post.

'Dr Coleman explains the importance of a patient's mental attitude in controlling and treating illness, and suggests some easy to learn techniques.'

Woman's World.

"Dr Coleman's Mindpower philosophy is based on an inspiring message of hope."

Western Morning News

"I thoroughly enjoyed it ... it will be another bestseller."

Nursing Times

"A guide to harnessing the hidden force of healing."

Journal of Alternative Medicine.

"I found reading Mindpower a revolutionary experience."

M.J., Bridgend

"I'm just in the middle of reading you book, Mindpower. Superb.


"I ordered your book Mindpower which arrived on Monday.  I had to write straight away to tell you how grateful I am that I did."

M.H., West Yorkshire

"Mindpower shows how to harness positive emotions and control destructive ones."

North Devon Journal