people watching

People Watching - 9.95 paperback

How to look sexy, make friends and manage your boss!

If you would like to understand and get along with people better, find out how to make them like you and learn how to persuade them to do what you want then you need People Watching.

In this amazing, informative and entertaining book Dr Vernon Coleman explains the subtle art of understanding body language, gestures, habits, clothing and other hidden clues. He explains what signals to look out for and what signals you should be putting out if you want to make the most out of what life has to offer.

20,500 copies sold.


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Here are just a few examples of what you can learn from this book:

  • How to tell if someone is lying
  • 7 signs that someone is interested in you romantically
  • 8 giveaway signs of nervousness
  • 6 ways to tell if someone is bored
  • 20 ways to look sexy
  • 12 ways to look like a winner
  • 10 ways to succeed at interviews
  • 11 ways to negotiate successfully
  • 10 ways to avoid being mugged
  • 8 ways to manage your boss
  • 16 ways to deal with aggressive people
  • 22 ways to get power over people
  • How to avoid being manipulated
  • How to manipulate strangers
  • The best way to deal with people who try to embarrass you
  • "The ubiquitous media doc has done it yet again; this time turning his talents for producing sparkling gems of information in rapid-fire sequence to the field of body language and private habits. As always, he makes his subject both personally relevant and of practical use. Here's how to judge people by the bags they carry or the cars they drive, plus how to manipulate your doctor, appear sexy or make a rival uneasy and a host of other tips too. Once you start to browse you would have to be a hermit not to find it unputdownable"

    The Good Book Guide

    "People Watching is a mine of information.  Once you pick it up you won't be able to put it down."

    The Western Telegraph

    "I have hugely enjoyed reading your book on body language."

    A.B. High Wycombe

    "Here's how to judge people by the Christmas cards they send, the bags they carry and the cars they drive.  Unputdownable."

    Healthy Living