relief from IBS Relief From IBS - 9.95 paperback

If you suffer from irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) you will know only too well just how much IBS can affect your life.

Thousands of readers have already benefited from Vernon Coleman's advice in his book Relief from IBS. The advice he gives is easy to follow and includes a series of simple, practical tips designed to help you deal with IBS effectively and permanently.

As with all Dr Coleman's books many readers have written to say how valuable they have found this book.

24,000 copies sold.


"I wish to thank you for your quite wonderful book which I fervently wish I had read years ago."

J.C., Port Erin

"I've just finished your book on IBS and found it helpful and instructive."

Mrs W., Devon

"I want to thank you for your book on 'IBS', it is very informative, one can learn a lot from it.

P.M. Broom, Cornwall

"I read with interest your book Relief From IBS it is well written and gives some sound advice for a healthy living and good food."

Dr. F.M., London

"I found your book Relief From IBS helpful, instructive and full of common sense."

T.S., Cromarty

"My wife and I found your book Relief From IBS very informative"

P.J., Chester

"Dr. Vernon Coleman has written this easy to read book which contains advice on changing your diet, looking after you digestive system, which foods to avoid, relaxing your mind and body and coping with stress."

Yours Magazine

"My wife suffers from irritable bowel syndrome, and after buying and reading your book on the subject, and following your advice, her symptoms have almost completely disappeared, so thanks again."

N.H., Stoke-on-Trent

"I bought your IBS book some years ago and as a resuld I rarely now have problems with this tiresome complaint."

M.C., Hampshire

"Vernon Coleman uses his own experience of irritable bowel syndrome to explain a simple, two-step treatment programme in Relief From IBS

The Bookseller

"A very good and positive approach to dealing with I.B.S.  I would not hesitate to recommend it to any fellow sufferers."

P.O., Dunstable

"The book is excellent"

P.F., Grimsby

"I have found Relief from IBS to be most informative and helpful"

J.D., Sutton

"Your publication on IBS is very good and helped me enormously"