second innings

Second Innings - £14.95 hardback

Vernon Coleman has rightly been compared to some of Englandís best known and best loved humorists, and nowhere is his comedic touch more evident than in this joyful romp of a novel set in the idyllic surroundings of the English countryside.

The characters leap from the page as they draw you in to this tale of a young man (Biffo Brimstone) who overcomes the adversity of modern day living by, quite simply, running away!

He leaves an unrewarding job, a shrewish and demanding wife and a couple of surly children and decides to take the next train out of the miserable suburban estate which has been his home for the past few years of his mundane life.

The train takes him to a part of the country he has never before visited, and the subsequent bus journey deposits him in the village of Fondling-under-Water. It is there that his new life begins.

1,500 copies sold.


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