Why The Cervical Cancer Vaccine Is A Scandal

Vernon Coleman

There are two simple reasons why I don't like vaccines.

The first is that they are so dangerous that in my considered, professional opinion they do more harm than good. I know the majority of doctors don't agree with me but I'd like to see all vaccination programmes stopped. (To balance this, I reckon my record on predicting health disasters is probably greater than that of the majority of doctors.)

The second, is that vaccines often fail to do what they are supposed to do - prevent disease.

Drug companies, doctors and politicians love vaccines for all the wrong reasons. Vaccines are enormously profitable and they can provide some community protection. But for the individual who receives a vaccination the downside is, in my view, greater than the potential advantage.

Doctors already give children vast numbers of vaccines. (Just how much damage all these vaccines do when they mix together in a growing body is, of course, a mystery.)

But scientists are always searching for new vaccines.

The latest, announced this week but talked about for years, is a vaccine which is supposed to provide protection against cervical cancer.

And the scandal is that experts are talking about giving the vaccine not just to girls but also to boys.

Why is this a scandal?

Well, since they don't have cervices, boys don't get cervical cancer.

They will be given the vaccine purely to protect women from the infection.

What are the future risks with a vaccine against cervical cancer?

I have no idea.

And I don't believe that anyone else knows either.

I believe it may be decades before we find out.

But, one thing I do know, the health and lives of boys who are given the vaccine will be put at risk not for their benefit but specifically and exclusively for the benefit of others.

And that is scary, Big Brother medicine.

It is, in my view, a major health scandal.

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11th September 2006
Copyright Vernon Coleman 2006