Vernon Coleman's Summer 2001 Challenge To Vivisectors (dated 15.5.01)

My £250,000 challenge to vivisectors has been a disaster.

Some time ago I offered £100,000 to the first person who could send indisputable clinical evidence which convinced me that all animal experiments are relevant, reliable, effective and essential for human health.

Anti-vivisectionists all over the country wrote to tell me that they had asked vivisectors to try to accept this challenge. They had no success.

Last week I raised the value of my challenge to £250,000.

But the vivisectors didn't respond to that either.

So I have withdrawn the £250,000 challenge and am offering a new one.

My new challenge is much simpler and much more straightforward.

I challenge vivisectors to produce one patient (just one) whose life they can prove has been saved as a direct result of animal experiments - and whom they can prove would now be dead if it had not been for animal experiments.

That surely is simple enough.

Vivisectors and their supporters are constantly claiming that they have to keep torturing and killing animals to save human lives.

So here is a chance for them to prove their point.

If they meet the challenge successfully those of us who oppose vivisection will, in the future, have to rely on moral and ethical arguments.

But if the vivisectors cannot meet this challenge they will have lost any remaining credibility.

I invite anti vivisectionists everywhere to publicise this challenge and to deliver it to vivisectors, laboratories and companies such as Huntingdon Life Sciences.
If the vivisectors cant meet this simple challenge by June 30th 2001 the rest of us will know that vivisection is a cruel fraud - done solely to boost drug company profits - and has nothing whatsoever to do with people or health.

Note:This challenge replaces all previous challenges to vivisectors - which are now withdrawn.

Copyright Vernon Coleman 2001