Jeremy Corbyn is a Cheat and a Traitor – Suitable Prime Minister Material

Vernon Coleman

Jeremy Corbyn is a cheat and a traitor.

In other words – perfect material for a Prime Minister.

In 1983, Jeremy Corbyn pledged to take Britain out of the EEC (as it then called itself).

In 2016, the British people voted (by a massive majority) to leave the EU.

In 2017, the Labour Party Manifesto (under Corbyn’s leadership) promised to accept the result of the Referendum and to support Brexit.

And now Corbyn wants to please the filthy hordes of anti-semitic, pro-Nazi zealots in his party (and bow down to the EU) by having a second referendum.

May he rot in the special hell reserved for treacherous Remainers.

No one with a brain will ever trust Corbyn again.

Will anyone in Britain ever trust anything any politician ever says?

Will anyone in Britain ever bother to vote again?

What’s the point?

Still, Commie Corbyn is finished as a politician.

Do you remember the loathsome Nick Clegg?

Now slumming it on a million a year as a mouthpiece for Facebook.

I wonder where Corbyn will go for his million a year?

Copyright Vernon Coleman February 2019