Climate Change Terrorists

Vernon Coleman

A bunch of climate change terrorists recently tried to disrupt a D Day ceremony. I find it difficult to think of anything more contemptible.

And now arrogant and ignorant climate change terrorists are threatening to fly into London to disrupt Heathrow airport and wreck business and holiday plans.

Wouldn’t it be nice if society were to hire some people to protect us from these climate change terrorists?

We could ask the people we hire to protect our freedom to move about and we could pay them to defend our basic human rights, our property and our lives.

We could give our trained protectors nice uniforms, we could pay them well and we could call them…oh, I don’t know, how about `Police’?

And we could instruct our appointed `Police’ officers to arrest any climate change terrorists who attempts to disrupt, alarm or destroy.

Just a dream, I suppose.

Copyright Vernon Coleman June 2019

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