Corbyn and Hitler

Vernon Coleman

There are clearly connections between the Labour Partyís well-known anti-semitism, their enthusiasm for the Nazi designed European Union and their eagerness for a Second Referendum.

The three things are connected.

It is hardly surprising that anti-semitic Labour party Remainers donít care that the EU was built by men who made their money out of Auschwitz.

Hitlerís Nazi Party was a socialist party. The party didnít like Jews.

Corbynís Labour Party is a socialist party. The party doesnít like Jews.

It isnít difficult to see why the Labour Party supports the Nazi Party of Europe and wants us to be part of Hitlerís legacy.

As a bonus, their policies will win millions of votes from immigrants, some of whom donít much like Jews and many of whom do want to stay in the EU so that immigration can continue unabated.

Copyright Vernon Coleman March 2019