Do Women With Different Sized Breasts Have A Greater Risk Of Cancer? Vital Information All Women Should Read

Vernon Coleman

Researchers now claim that women who have different sized breasts may be more likely to develop breast cancer.

There seems to be some confusion about why this should be.

I have an explanation.

But the big question is: in which breast is the cancer most likely to develop? The bigger breast or the smaller one?

Breasts contain a good deal of fatty tissue and it is my long held belief that it is this fatty tissue which contains the secret to breast cancer.

Carcinogens (pesticides and other chemicals consumed in fatty meat and other foods) accumulate in fatty tissue. That, in a nutshell, is, I believe, why the incidence of breast cancer is rising.

No one denies that we are eating more carcinogens in our food. No one denies that the incidence of cancer is rising. But everyone in the establishment seems to want to deny that there could be a link.

My explanation (which I have developed over the years in a number of books) is not favoured by the establishment for one simple reason: it is commercially uncomfortable. Governments continue to refuse to annoy the meat industry by publishing the truth. And the medical establishment is similarly unwilling to risk upsetting either politicians or industrialists.

If it is the breast which is bigger - and which, therefore, contains more fat - which is more likely to develop cancer then this is yet another piece of evidence in favour of my explanation.

Copyright Vernon Coleman 2006
Posted March 22nd 2006

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