Does The Government Want To Vaccinate The Elderly In Order To Kill Them?

Vernon Coleman

Readers of my non-fiction books will know that I have for many decades been a firm critic of vaccination programmes. And I have, for many years, warned that the Government regards the elderly as a nuisance.

Readers who regard the theme of this short article as paranoid, scare-mongering nonsense should know that it is already official Government policy in Britain for doctors and nurses to kill elderly patients who are threatening to block hospital beds by living longer than is considered convenient. Doctors and nurses have been instructed to withhold food and water from patients who donít have anywhere to go or anyone to look after them.

Around one third of elderly NHS patients now die not of any disease but because they are deprived of food and water. Unbelievably, this programme of death was devised in a hospital in Liverpool in the 1990s. The programme is now known as the Liverpool Care Pathway (an Orwellian choice of words) and is official policy in British hospitals. Thousands of doctors and nurses slavishly follow the practice which is officially backed by the Department of Health and must, therefore, be regarded as official Government policy.

(If you didnít know about this I suspect that you may, by now, be feeling rather less sceptical about the headline at the top of this item.)

Readers of my most recent book on vaccination (Anyone Who Tells You Vaccines Are Safe And Effective Is Lying. Hereís The Proof.) will know that I have long suspected that the widespread use of the flu vaccine could be spreading the disease rather than preventing it. They will also know that the flu vaccine is given with tremendous enthusiasm to the elderly Ė who are immunologically vulnerable and easy to damage with vaccines. And many elderly patients develop severe respiratory problems after being given the flu vaccine. Judging by my mailbag it is by no means uncommon for elderly patients to develop the flu after a flu vaccination Ė and to then develop pneumonia.

So, is the Government deliberately paying GPs to vaccinate their elderly patients in order to kill off people who are considered a worthless drain on the nationís slender financial resources?

You may think that unlikely. Until I thought about it carefully even I was rather sceptical.

But, remember that it is already official Government policy in Britain for doctors and nurses to kill elderly patients who are taking up hospital beds. Thatís not supposition. Itís a fact.

And remember that the nationís pension bill is growing rapidly. Many politicians from all parties want to cut the money paid to pensioners. That is also a fact.

Iíve given this question much thought and in my view the answer to the question at the top of this article is: `Yesí. The Government is encouraging doctors to give the flu vaccine to elderly patients because it wants to kill off as many elderly people as it can Ė in order to cut the pensions bill.

Readers of a certain age might like to consider this viewpoint when they next receive an invitation from their doctor to attend for a routine flu vaccination.

Copyright Vernon Coleman June 2013

Note: Dr Vernon Coleman MB ChB DSc is a fully registered and licensed medical practitioner and GP principal.