A Full List Of All The Doctors In the UK Prepared To Debate Vaccination Or Vivisection With Dr Vernon Coleman On British Radio Or Television




I can't think of any.

Now why would that be, do you think?

(Clue: In the past the ones who have debated have always lost.)

Write to any doctor (preferably a media doctor known to be a supporter of vaccination or vivisection) and challenge him or her to debate either of these issues with Dr Vernon Coleman. (But they have to find a TV or Radio station prepared to host the debate because Vernon Coleman is banned everywhere. Producers are too scared to allow him on air. Note: Dr Vernon Coleman is a GP, fully registered and licensed with the General Medical Council.)

Issues for debate:
1. Vaccination is dangerous and ineffective and is a form of child abuse. (It is, however, enormously profitable for drug companies and doctors).
2. Vivisection is no help to humans - and does more harm than good. (It is, however, enormously profitable for drug companies.)

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