Jeremy Gets It Wrong (Again)

Vernon Coleman

I am seriously weary of the nonsense talked by climate change mythologists.

Everything that happens is, so they claim, the result of man-made climate change.

Facts are merrily ignored.

The latest daft claim came from Jeremy Corbyn.

After a large fire took hold on moorland in West Yorkshire, the Labour leader announced that the awful scenes on the moor were a reminder of why we urgently need to tackle climate change’.

Mr Corbyn may not have known that the police announced that three men had been arrested for questioning in connection with the fire.

Incidentally, the BBC later carefully removed Corbyn’s bizarre comment from its website.

I am also fed up with the police protecting climate change protestors – regardless of the damage they do to property, freedom and, ironically, the environment.

In contrast, I remember once being threatened with arrest merely for trying to attend a rally where I was due to speak about animal experiments.

If animal rights campaigners had blocked traffic in London they would have all been dragged off to the cells.

Daft climate change protestors (many of whom are outrageous hypocrites, virtuous eco-terrorists drunk on vanity and hubris) get treated differently because their campaign fits neatly into EU propaganda – which is designed to distract attention from the really big problem we are all facing - the coming oil shortage.

The British establishment (such as the EU loving Mayor of London) will do anything to keep the eurocrats happy.

The eco-terrorists should be banged up for years for causing mayhem. But they’ll probably all get gongs in the next honours list.

Copyright Vernon Coleman April 2019

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