The Goodbye Column

The People decided not to print my last three columns at all. This meant that a column which had run for over a decade ended suddenly, and without any explanation, on June 8th 2003. I felt that this was as discourteous to the readers as it was to me. Here is the message which should have appeared in my last column:

We've been together a long time, you and I. We've campaigned together and you've written tens of thousands of letters to MPs and others. Together we've pressured Ministers, battled large corporations and changed the law in the UK.

Over 40 significant warnings given in this column have come true.

This is the last column of mine that will appear in The People.

The Welsh Princess and I send you our love and hope for the future. Keep standing up for what is right. Special thanks to the 65,000 of you who are now regular buyers of my books, the 200,000 who have written, the 500,000 who have telephoned and the thousands who regularly visit my website.

My book `Bodypower' tells you how to make the best of your body. It's published at 9.95 and has been a bestseller for 20 years. I'd like to send you all a copy.

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Copyright Vernon Coleman 2003