Green Light for Lance Armstrong to Come Back?

Vernon Coleman

A female athlete has been told that if she wants to continue competing then she must take drugs to lower her natural testosterone levels.

I was a trifle surprised at this.

I thought that the authorities wanted athletes to stop taking drugs.

It seems that they think that the athlete in question has an advantage because of her natural hormone levels.

And they want to take away her natural advantage.

I wonder if they’ve thought this through.

If they are going to ensure that all athletes have a level playing field, they are going to insist that basketball players who are over 6 feet tall must have a foot of bone removed from their legs. They must force tennis players to take drugs if they have a resting pulse rate of 30. They will have to force large weight lifters to take diet pills.

The problem is that these days most top athletes are a bit freakish in one way or another. You can’t win at top level sport unless you have special attributes.

Still, if they are now going to insist that athletes take drugs it will certainly open things up a bit.

Maybe dear old Lance Armstrong can make a comeback.

Copyright Vernon Coleman May 2019