Fawke Off Guido!

Vernon Coleman

The other day I decided to try advertising one of my books on a well-known website. I prepared a short advertisement and sent it off to the siteís advertising agency.

In response, the agencyís`creative teamí prepared their own advertisement which they claimed would be more successful than mine.

But they refused to let me see it until I agreed to pay for it. I wonder if they buy cars and frocks without ever seeing what they are buying.

Iím not sure I understand the world anymore.

I am so old that I can remember days when the customer was considered right even when they were wrong.

I have been writing books for over 50 years, publishing them myself for over 30 years and promoting them on the internet for over a quarter of a century. How on earth did I manage without these kind people to tell me how to do what I do.

Iím prepared to bet that the individuals involved were all in their twenties (or younger).

And I would bet good money that my advertisement would have worked better than theirs.

I doubt if I am allowed to tell you the name of the website concerned.

Itís Guido Fawkes.

So, fawke off Guido.

Copyright Vernon Coleman November 2019