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Volume 1 No 1 (August 1996)
Vital information on prostate cancer: diagnosis, prevention and treatment
Headache sufferers - could your personality be the cause?
Bras and breast cancer - American research reveals a worrying link
How to deal with people who make you feel inadequate
Views on vaccination
Are you drinking enough water?
Good and bad doctors
What supplements should I take?
Getting rid of stitch during exercise
Surgery tip - the best time of the month for women to have surgery
Quick tips on food

Volume 1 No 2 (September 1996)
Health care crisis - how to plan for the best possible health care in the difficult years ahead
How to eat away your illness: MeniŠres syndrome; wind and flatulence; osteoporosis
How to reduce an enlarged prostate by diet alone
Drink soya milk not cows milk
Why swimming pools may be a health hazard
Look after your eyes - advise for computer users
Chocolate addiction
Iron supplements

Urine therapy
Quick tips on food

Volume 1 No 3 (October 1996)
Holistic medicine - an in depth analysis
Genetically engineered food - an evaluation of the dangers
The vital difference between fitness and health
Buying organic food
A remedy for poor circulation


Volume 1 No 4 (November 1996)
Are you listening to your body's secret calls for help
How patients are curing heart disease without pills
A warning about PVC
Are soya beans a real miracle food?
Foods that will help your body build immunity
Flu vaccines
Possible remedies for breathing problems
Essiac - is this herb a cancer cure?
Can you avoid diabetes?
How to find an independent medical expert
The dangers of too many medical tests
Melatonin and other antioxidants
Meat and cancer

Volume 1 No 5 (December 1996)
The truth about electricity and cancer
More information about genetically engineered food
Five foods that may not be but should be a regular part of your diet
The potential hazards of "over the counter" medicines
Hiatus hernia - causes and symptom control
Hormone replacement therapy
Should mercury fillings be removed from teeth?
Volume 1 No 6 (January 1997)
DHEA is it the secret of eternal youth?
Would you pass your MOT?
Pain control
What is co-enzyme vitamin Q10?
Brittle nails
Electricity and cancer - more information
Gall stones
Self help groups
More about meat


Volume 1 No 7 (February 1997)
Chronobiology - how the body responds to a 24 hour cycle or rhythm, and how to use this for good health
Prescription drugs - do they rob the body of essential nutrients
Let the healers heal - an examination of healing by "faith"
Stand up for yourself - you'll be healthier; the benefits of being assertive and confident
How looking at food can make you fat
Too much zinc can make you ill
Stress and infection
Vegetarianism and sport

Volume 1 No 8 (March 1997)
Increase your resistance to infection and reduce your susceptibility to cancer
Includes information on:
Glucocorticoids - emotional trauma and the immune system
Worrying about cancer - Toxic stress
Why infections are getting commoner - Are you burnt out?
Nine ways to save yourself - Do you touch other people often enough
How to strengthen your immune system
Are you an early bird or a night owl?
Dates and figs - are they good or bad for you?

Volume 1 No 9 (April 1997)
The war against breast cancer
Five more foods that should be a part of your diet
Organic foods
Radiotherapy - the hazards of treatment
Impotence - how to overcome the problem
Aspirin - is it a safe painkiller?
Aloe vera - its role as a therapeutic plant
E coli contamination of food
Why you shouldn't drink during meals
Why you should wash apples before eating them
Women over 50 should take care when losing weight
Slash your risk of heart disease
Why you should cook with olive oil or rapeseed oil
Beware of ham sandwiches
Why you should take grapes to someone that is ill
Are you getting your daily healing fix

Volume 1 No 10 (May 1997)
How to get the best out of your doctor
The effect of positive and negative emotions on your health?
Tinnitus and the link to anti-depressant drugs
Weak bones (osteoporosis) and safe sources of calcium
Vitamin warning - Vitamin B6
Food warning - British lamb and mad cow disease

Volume 1 No 11 (June 1997)
High blood pressure - how you can control it without drugs or pills
DHEA and animal experiments
Treatment for hay fever
Prostate troubles - more information
High technology medicine simply doesn't work

Volume 1 No 12 (July 1997)
How to increase your mental abilities with age
Why health care is sick - a present day case history
Health insurance
Artificial fats - are they safe?

Volume 2 No 1 (August 1997)
Question and Answer Special
Drinking water - how much you drink each day?
Music and deafness
Pills and alcohol
Why do women live longer than men
Alcohol and good health
Stress will find your weak point
The merits of meditation
HRT and the menopause
Colon cancer
Holiday vaccinations
Vitamins and long life
Heart surgery
Eat you way to good health


Volume 2 No 2 (September 1997)
The growing problem of allergies and their symptoms
Minimise arthritis symptoms and damage
Honey and its antibacterial properties
Vitamins and hair loss
The hazards of hydrocortisone creams
Sensitive teeth
How to give up smoking
Mammograms versus self examination
Cancer - early warning signs

Volume 2 No 3 (October 1997)
"What I Would Do If I Had Cancer"
Retain responsibility
Don't expect too much from doctors
Doctors are not good at giving bad news
Doctors are not going to get any better
Doctors are good at diagnosis
Do your own research
Get a second - and third - opinion
Be sceptical about orthodox treatment
Find out about alternatives
Be prepared to make changes to your life
Anti-cancer diets
Reduce your exposure to pollution
Reduce your exposure to stress
Define your goals and objectives
Use visualisation
Drink Essiac herb tea
Have faith

Volume 2 No 4 (November 1997)
Meat and cancer
Five drugs I wouldn't take
Chemicals on food
Cancer - survival rates and statistics
Hydrazine sulphate
Soya and cancer
Sore throats and antibiotics
Menopause - overcoming troublesome symptoms
Prostate enlargement
Parkinson's disease
Multiple sclerosis and marijuana
Raynaud's phenomenon
Intensive care units - are they the best place for sick people?

Volume 2 No 5 (December 1997)
Listen to your instincts - how to use intuition for decision making
Compulsory vaccinations
Overcoming impotence
Treating tinnitus
How good are doctors at making correct diagnoses?
Blood transfusions and Mad Cow Disease
Diet and pregnancy
Omega 3 fats
Tamoxifen warning
Update on meat and cancer report


Volume 2 No 6 (January 1998)
Question and Answer Special
Cholesterol and heart disease - are cholesterol-lowering drugs the answer?
Nuts and their value in your diet
Reducing the risk of breast cancer
Psoriasis - possible causes and how to deal with symptoms
Marijuana and its use in medical treatment
The hazards of vehicle exhaust fumes
Female life expectancy to fall

Volume 2 No 7 (February 1998)
Light Therapy
The mind and good health
Irritable bowel syndrome
Fluoride and drinking water
Pain control
Chemicals and cancer
Aluminium cooking foil
How to strengthen bones

Volume 2 No 8 (March 1998)
Dangers of air travel
Dangerous doctors
Missing medical records
Are mobile phones safe?

Volume 2 No 9 (April 1998)
Research programmes that would make a difference
Food borne infections
Fats, pesticides and breast cancer
Cot death and vaccination
HRT and asthma
Baby foods and pesticides
Fighting heart disease
Osteoporosis, lifestyle and milk
X rays
Insecticidal strips

Volume 2 No 10 (May 1998)
Superbugs - what to do
Age is a state of mind
Unnecessary medicines
Drugs and tinnitus
Mobile phones
Lyme disease
Fibroid treatment
Varicose veins
Vaccines - official truths or lies?
Glaucoma prevention

Volume 2 No 11 (June 1998)
Genetic Engineering Special
A whole issue devoted to this important subject

Volume 2 No 12 (July 1998)
Question and Answer Special
Arthritis cure?
House dust mites and allergies
Glaucoma treatment
Heart by pass surgery
Threat to organic food
Cows' milk and diabetes
Diet and cancer
DIY cancer risk
Electricity and breast cancer
Treatment for prostate trouble
Transplant hazards
Nitrates in Britain
Advice for would-be vegans


Volume 3 No 1 (August 1998)
The real cause of cancer - and the solution
Bowel cancer screening
Hazards of mobile phones
Tomatoes, lycopene and cancer
Medium Density Fibreboard
Enhancing male fertility

Volume 3 No 2 (September 1998)
Anxiety and Depression
Special Issue

Volume 3 No 3 (October 1998)
Microwave ovens - a health hazard?
Garlic revisited
Single food diets
Electricity and health hazards
Toothbrush storage
Carbohydrate facts
Mood swings
Animal research
Fried tomatoes, lycopene and cancer
Genetic engineering

Volume 3 No 4 (November 1998)
Must where you live determine when you die?
Testing environmental chemicals
Fraudulent medical research
Insecticde sprays - an air travel hazard
Animal fat
Pernicious anaemia
Atrial fibrillation
Omega-3 fatty acids
Asthma and vaccines
Underactive thyroid
How to cut down on your sleep requirement
Transplanted cancer
Beware of salt

Volume 3 No 5 (December 1998)
Osteoporosis Special
an in-depth investigation

Volume 3 No 6 (January 1999)
Chicken, eggs and salmonella
BSE in sheep
Anti-stress vitamins
Genetically engineered soya milk
Becoming vegetarian
Cancer charities
Benzodiazepine withdrawal
Exercises for patients recovering from cancer
The drugs war
Light therapy
Pine bark
Post-vasectomy trouble
Hormones in water
Calorie-free fats
Cancer research
Antibiotics and farmers
Dementia and meat
Meat and cancer
Marijuana – the benefits

Volume 3 No 7 (February 1999)
How to stay young while growing old
Nine tips to help you stay young
Chronic back trouble
Year 2000
Are we too clean
Mobile phones

Volume 3 No 8 (March 1999)
101 best foods in the world
Oral hypoglycaemics
Osteoporosis, breast cancer and progesterone
Organophosphates and Mad Cow Disease
Arthritis – the best drug
Mineral supplements
Smallpox vaccine
Alopecia areata
Growth hormones
Prostate trouble
Giving up meat
Testing water
Genetically engineered food
Testicular examination
Heart trouble

Volume 3 No 9 (April 1999)
Do medical screenings do more harm than good?
Are you getting enough exercise?
Genetically engineered crops and pollen
Ulcerative colitis

Volume 3 No 10 (May 1999)
Tension headaches
Brain tumours
Caffeine withdrawal headaches
Cervical spondylosis
Chinese food syndrome headaches
Cluster headaches
Cranial arteris
Hot dog headaches
Ice cream headaches
Sexual headaches

Volume 3 No 11 (June 1999)
Prostate cancer and diet
High blood pressure
Travel/holiday insurance
Stress and fybromyalgia
Drug dosage
Bad breath
Am I overweight?
Is wine good for your health?
Mobile phones
Treating heart disease
Test results
Drugs for mental health problems
Organic farming

Volume 3 No 12 (July 1999)
Tests and investigations
The Millennium Bug (Y2K)
Hormones in beef
Daily aspirin
Bonfire smoke
Vitamin E
Glaucoma treatment
Nuts and seeds
Smoking and Alzheimer’s disease
Magnetism and the human body
Back pain and diet
Electro-convulsive therapy


Volume 4 No 1 (August 1999)
Vaccines - a special investigation
Antibiotics and farmers
AIDS and HIV - a critical evaluation
Harmful chemicals
Genetic engineering
Breast cancer
Drinking water
Microwave ovens

Volume 4 No 2 (Sept 1999)
Electrosmog and mobile phones
Why we must stop genetic engineers
Marijuana - the case for legalisation
Gall stones
Y2K privacy
Steroid injections for hayfever
Why travelling is tiring
The cancer industry
Calorie intake for weight control
The People's Party
Copper bracelets

Volume 4 No 3 (October 1999)
Keeping control of progress
Water, water everywhere
Noise and deafness
Cranberries and cystitis
Pain threshold and tolerance
Blood group and diet
Heart disease
Viruses and cervical cancer
Dental X-rays

Volume 4 No 4 (November 1999)
You can change your destiny
Slipped disc
Websites worth visiting
Male sexual problems
Shift working
Rheumatoid arthritis
Dental implants
Sun-damaged skin
Mercury fillings
Pollution from mobile phones

Volume 4 No 5 (December 1999)
Special Issue
Examining The Extraordinary Powers of the Human Mind.

Volume 4 No 6 (Jan 2000)
Forecasts for the new Millennium
The God Experiment
Catholic doctors
It's a mistake to let your doctor label you
Stress and high blood pressure


Volume 4 No 7 (February 2000)
Is your health ruled by your star sign?
Coleman's Laws
Nursing homes
Hormone replacement therapy
Genetically engineered food
Irradiated food
Waiting lists
Turning green

Volume 4 No 8 (March 2000)
Requiem for the NHS
Healthy eating?
Are you a NOD or a BOAJ?
Over-the-counter sales boom
Improve your chances of avoiding cancer
Magnetic therapy - miracle or fraud?
What's your cancer risk
Questions and answers

Volume 4 No 9 (April 2000)
Americans want to own everything
How to live to be 100
Should you get a second opinion
GE foods - the latest
Microwave hazard
Carer's dilemma
Autism, asthma and vaccines

Volume 4 No 10 (May 2000)
The power of love
High Technology
Genetic engineering
Tax and health
Vitamin supplements
Preventive medicine
Hay fever
Laser surgery

Volume 4 No 11 (June 2000)
The healing power of touch
Cloning: the future is here
Recommended daily vitamins and minerals
Vaccines and vaccination
You might be a terrorist
Safer mobile phones
Health and star signs
Health in hot countries

Volume 4 No 12 (July 2000)
Help save NHS
Police and the mentally ill
Twentieth century protest
Soya and allergies
Peripheral neuropathy
Routine X-rays
Tamoxifen and clonidine
Genetically modified food
Tea tree oil
Benign prostate enlargement


Volume 5 No 1 (August 2000)
Orthodox and alternative medicine
More about vaccines
10 reasons why you shouldn't trust your doctor
20 facts about the prostate gland
The things they say
Lives for sale
Lost sense of smell
Vaccines and autism
Duplication of research
High fat diets
Pin hole spectacles
Mobile telephones
Imperial Cancer Research Fund
Waste in the NHS

Volume 5 No 2 (September 2000)
VCHL readers change government policy
The human genome project
Mad cow disease
The citizen's charter
Digestive tract troubles
AIDS - the real scandal
Drug side effects
Why do we need VCHL

Volume 5 No 3 (October 2000)
Why women live longer than men
22 easy steps you can take to reduce your cancer risk by 80%
Gall bladder fact file
Waiting times for tests and investigations
The VCHL hospital guide
The Open International University for Complementary Medicine
Life expectancy
Organ donors
Losing weight
Feeling miserable
Vegetarians and cancer
Post traumatic stress disorder
Paedophile backlash
Arrogant specialists
Nurses, the elderly and respect
High blood pressure
Human dignity
Healthy drinking
Cocaine and tobacco
Genetic engineering
Brain Food
Antiseptic ointments

Volume 5 No 4 (November 2000)
How to live longer
Cosmetic surgery
The failure of the police to provide the public with protection
New Labour - deceitful, dishonest and disreputable
Repeat prescriptions

Volume 5 No 5 (December 2000)
Why doctors do more harm than good
Tests and treatment
MMR Vaccine and autism
Back pain
Hardened arteries
Short stays in hospital
Out patient parking
Hospital waste
Infections after trips abroad
Fees for GP consultations


Volume 5 No 6 (January 2001)
When euthanasia is the right answer
Keep death off the roads
Too many X-rays
Top ten causes of cancer
A friend's bequest
Government-approved cruelty
Cruel and barbaric
Confidentiality in hospitals
A good example
Mad cow disease
Website chatrooms
Bad breath
Genetic engineering
Police harassment
Incentive for weight loss
Vitamin supplements
More about meat

Volume 5 No 7 (February 2001)
Chemicals which cause cancer
Self help groups
When food and medicine become one
Root-filled teeth may be a time bomb
Defensive medicine - a growing problem
Navigating life's rock-strewn passageways
World health - how is your country doing?
Magnet therapy
Waiting for surgery
Medical journalism
Doctors who kill patients
Flu vaccine
Mobile phone and cancer
Dupuytren's contracture
Women doctors