Antoinette’s Mammogram is Clear!

Vernon Coleman

Every day for a week I have woken up waiting for the postman. And every day when there has been nothing from the hospital I have simply lived through the day, taking the day for itself; living for the day alone, afraid to think of tomorrow.

When there was no letter from the hospital I felt strangely relieved. Waiting, though painful, is sometimes easier than knowing.

This morning a letter came.

For a moment breathing was impossible.

And then suddenly there were tears and joy.

Antoinette’s mammogram was clear.

Thanks be to God.

She still has terrible pain as a result of the surgery and the radiotherapy.

And the physiotherapy department at the hospital is still shut indefinitely - though hairdressers and pubs and hotels and zoos are open next week.

Antoinette can have her hair done or stand and gaze at the penguins.

But the NHS decrees that she cannot have physiotherapy for an ever-painful shoulder.

I hope they aren’t waiting for the applause.

But, hey, the mammogram was clear.

We take our mercies as they come.

Our vigilance will never cease, of course.

As all cancer patients know, the cancer never goes away. It lurks in the shadows. But we are ever watchful. Antoinette takes a variety of medicines including tamoxifen and there will be regular check-ups and another mammogram each year.

But the one thing I have learned from this damned beast is to grasp each day and take what it gives with a welcome heart.

We give our thanks to those who sent kind thoughts and prayers.

And our thoughts are with those who are waiting, waiting, waiting for essential life-saving surgery, radiotherapy and so on and are waiting longer than is right because health services have been vandalised by uncaring, witless, psychopathic bureaucrats conforming to a cruel agenda.

We will continue to do our best to put an end to this manufactured madness. No one can now believe that the coronavirus `crisis’ is a result of incompetence. There can be no doubt that there is a malignant plan for control over our lives.

And we will use what energy we have to fight it.

Meanwhile, today we will celebrate.

Today, it is time for the bubbly.

Vernon Coleman, June 23rd 2020

P.S. We went to the garden centre today. There were signs everywhere. But no one was wearing a mask and no one took any notice at all of the stupid social distancing signs. And I paid for our purchases with cash. Hoorah.