Prime Minister Corbyn

Vernon Coleman

If Boris gives in to Corbyn’s impertinent and undemocratic demand to outlaw leaving the EU with `no deal’, and fails to fix a deal with Nigel Farage’s Brexit Party, then Britain is doomed.

The Brexit Party will hoover up a huge chunk of the pro-Brexit vote and the Tories will do disastrously in an election.

The result will be that Corbyn will be Prime Minister with Swinson of the Illiberal Undemocrats as Deputy Prime Minister and the SNP in Government too.

If that happens, anyone under 50 who has hopes, dreams and ambitions should seriously consider leaving the country. Britain will be well and truly fucked for decades.

Anyone who has savings should consider investing in oil (via the big oil companies) or gold. Both oil and gold are valued in dollars and when the pound becomes worthless such investments will soar.

Boris should have taken us out of the EU with `no deal’ – and gone to prison. If he’d had more bottle he would have become a political legend.

Copyright Vernon Coleman October 27th 2019

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