Why Parents Who Allow Their Children To Be Vaccinated Should Be Arrested For Child Abuse

Dr Vernon Coleman MB ChB DSc FRSA

Doctors give fistfuls of potentially lethal vaccines to tiny babies with developing immune systems.

They start dumping the stuff into babies when they are two-months-old.

And yet there is no evidence proving that vaccines are safe when given like this. And there is no evidence proving long-term safety.

Amazingly, no research is done to check long-term safety or efficacy.

The medical establishment puts the onus on the doubters to find their own evidence that there are dangers, knowing that this is pretty well impossible to do without the cooperation of the drug companies, the Government or the medical establishment itself.

If you or I want to sell sweets to children we will have all sorts of health and safety officials crawling over us.

But doctors merrily squirt gallons of potentially toxic junk into babies who are still being breast fed.

Thousands of babies have been killed or seriously injured by vaccines. Governments have quietly handed out vast sums in ‘hush’ money to parents.

Doctors adore vaccination programmes because they get rich by giving jabs.

Politicians, doctors, nurses and journalists help bang the drum for vaccination.

Few, if any, of them have looked at the scientific evidence.

If they had they would agree with me that doctors and nurses who wield syringes and give vaccines should be arrested for assault with a deadly weapon.

And parents who allow their children to be vaccinated should be arrested for child abuse.

There is plenty more evidence on this website. And all the facts are available in my book Anyone Who Tells You Vaccines Are Safe and Effective Is Lying. Here’s the Proof. The book is available as an ebook on Amazon.

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