The (Not So) Hidden Message In The Last People Column

Readers of my column in The People might not have noticed the meaning in the Photo Story (the picture strip) in my very last column. So here's another chance to see it (without the pictures - which belong to The People).

This is the script as submitted to (and used by) The People. I did not, I confess, expect them to use it since it obviously relates to the reason why I resigned from the paper.

Did the editor spot the 'not so' hidden message?

I rather suspect he didn't...

Photo 1
Man arrives home from work. `Did you have a good day, darling?' asks his wife.

Photo 2
Man and woman are standing holding hands, looking at one another. `The boss wanted me to suppress the truth...,' says the man. His wife looks concerned and sympathetic.

Photo 3
` I resigned!' continues the man. Man and woman are hugging. `You did the right thing,' says the wife.

Photo 4
`We'll have to cancel our holidays,' says the man. `That doesn't matter,' says the woman.

Vernon's Comment
`I found out that one of the products we make is faulty,' writes Mr B. `When I told my boss he ordered me to destroy the report I'd prepared. He said we had to continue selling the faulty product.'

'Mr A resigned immediately.'

`When I got home and told her what I'd done my wife was wonderful,' he said. `A lot of women would have been angry. But she completely supported me. She immediately told me that I had done the right thing. I feel so proud to have her as my wife.'

'Sometimes doing the right thing is the only thing to do.

I am delighted that your story has a happy ending.'

Copyright Vernon Coleman 2003