The Deadly Conspiracy Protecting the Vaccine Myth

Dr Vernon Coleman MB ChB DSc FRSA

There are some subjects which can no longer be discussed in public.

No one is allowed to question the existence or extent of Hitlerís concentration camps. To do so is likely to lead not to a contemptuous dismissal but to arrest and imprisonment.

Anyone who publicly questions the popular myth of climate change will be barred from BBC programmes and university lecture halls.

It is no longer considered acceptable to defend titans such as Cecil Rhodes or Sir Thomas Stafford Raffles. They did great things but they were of their time, and members of the Entitlement Generation do not understand that history means that what is acceptable today will probably not be acceptable tomorrow, and that social change is a long, slow process which can, and probably will, eventually leave us all stranded on the wave washed rocks of unacceptability.

During the 1980s, it was not considered acceptable to question the widely held (but unsustainable) belief that AIDS was about to kill us all. I was repeatedly banned from television and radio programmes because the scientific truths I wished to share were considered politically unacceptable.

Even though many eminent Victorians did so with immense effectiveness, it has never been thought acceptable to question vivisection. The medical establishment (sponsored and controlled by the pharmaceutical industry) says that animal experiments are valuable, indeed essential, and so anyone who says otherwise, however much evidence they may be able to produce on behalf of their point of view, will be regarded by the media as, at best, an oddball and at worst a dangerous lunatic.

And the same is true of vaccination.

For some years now, there has been no public debate about vaccination. No debate is allowed. The subject is closed. Decades ago, I debated the issue many times and never lost Ė not because I am good at debating but because the facts are all on my side. Today, no television or radio station in Britain would dream of organising an interview or a debate on the subject. They would as soon organise a debate questioning the truth of the holocaust.

I have been campaigning about vaccination for nearly half a century, and a couple of years ago I wrote a book collecting together the scientific evidence which proves conclusively that vaccination does not work and is not safe. We sent out 600 review copies. Not one review appeared.

Recently, I offered $1,000,000 to anyone who could produce incontrovertible clinical evidence which satisfies me that all vaccines are completely safe and effective (the challenge appeared on this website). I sent details of the challenge to the national press.

The result?


You would have thought, would you not, that a journalist somewhere would consider such an offer newsworthy?

But no.

I am a doctor and I know the facts about vaccines and vaccination and I am considered too dangerous to be allowed to air my challenge outside my website.

The pro-vaccine industry (consisting of drug companies and doctors Ė all of whom make a huge amount of money out of vaccines) has been so effective in brain washing the media that no one will even report the existence of the challenge.

And so the vaccination myth must remain unchallenged.

Meanwhile, millions of men, women, children and infants continue to be vaccinated, injured and killed.

And the scandal continues unchecked.

Please pass the details of my challenge onto your friends, neighbours, relatives and, if you have them, enemies.

History will show that vaccination is a bad thing.

In a few decades time, our descendants will look back upon vaccination and find it difficult to believe that doctors actually injected children with such dangerous and ineffective substances.

And when vaccination has finally been banned, as far too dangerous to allow, the tide will turn and anyone proposing or defending vaccination will be banned from the airwaves and the media.

The funny thing is that if I am still around by then I will not support such a ban.

Iíll be happy to debate the issue of vaccination with anyone.

Because freedom of speech is crucial.

And I know the facts are on my side.

Copyright Vernon Coleman 2017

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