This Radio Station Is Much, Much Better Than The BBC!

Dr Vernon Coleman MB ChB DSc FRSA

If you’re looking for a truly independent radio station then I recommend RadioFreeUk – which was set up by Paul Perrin with the aim of creating a libertarian version of Radio 4.

The BBC is as bent as a paper clip; a State broadcaster of the sort that would have been ‘officially approved’ in the days of the USSR. It is run by politically correct ninnies.

It’s a scandal that everyone who listens to the radio or watches TV must pay a licence fee to the racist BBC (the organisation seems to hate England and the English). The BBC is supposed to represent Britain and the British but the organisation’s bias towards the fascist EU is laughably overt.

BBC staff seem to think they have a right to take a position and adhere to a corporate agenda. Like press barons of the early part of the 20th century, they like to take positions and campaign for causes, organisations, parties and individuals whom the organisation supports.

Of course, the BBC is very much a State Broadcaster and would normally be expected to take a position that matches the aims of the Government.

But the BBC goes too far and in its support of Hitler’s love child, the EU, the corporation’s staff have abandoned all pretence at fair play.

(Incidentally, have you noticed that the BBC always seems to back losers these days? They backed the EU before and during the referendum. They backed Clinton too. And that didn’t turn out very well. And, of course, they backed Chris Evans against Jeremy Clarkson in the Top Gear battle. They back losers because they are out of touch with the people who pay the bills)

RadioFreeUK is a radio station without the BBC agenda. Highly recommended if you want to listen to the radio without feeling your blood pressure go through the top of your head.

Copyright Vernon Coleman

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