Flu Vaccination Does Spread the Flu!

Dr Vernon Coleman MB ChB DSc FRSA

An astonishing scientific study published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences in the United States shows that individuals who have received a flu vaccination are likely to spread the flu.

The research shows that those who are vaccinated with the highly promoted flu jab are six times as likely to pass on the flu as those who have NOT been vaccinated.

The only logical conclusion is that people who have the flu jab are spreading the flu and are, therefore, endangering the lives of others.

And doctors who encourage their patients to have the flu jab are endangering the lives of other patients who donít have the flu jab, canít have it or wonít have it.

People who are wise enough not to have a flu jab are helping to cut down the number of people who get the flu.

But people who are gullible enough to allow themselves to be vaccinated against the flu will spread the flu.

Inevitably, the more people who are vaccinated against the flu, the more the number of people who will die from the flu.

This is an astonishing scandal but the establishment press will refuse to print the news.

Other doctors who agree with me keep quiet because they know that I am now totally blackballed by the media because I have consistently told the truth about vaccination. Doctors who speak out against vaccination are likely to find that their careers are ruined.

The result, of course, is that as more people are vaccinated against the flu so more people will develop the flu.

(Another irony is that the flu vaccine is very ineffective and many people who have the flu jab still succumb to the disease. So those who have the flu jab take all the risks for absolutely no benefit.)

And as more people develop the flu, so politicians, journalists and doctors will push vaccines yet harder Ė often calling for compulsory vaccination.

The vicious circle tightens: more flu jabs, more flu, more deaths, more flu jabs, more flu, more deaths. And more money for doctors and drug companies.

So why does this scandal continue?

There are two simple reasons:

First, doctors make a fortune out of the flu jab. GPs can make an extra £30,000 a year by instructing their practice nurse (wages paid by the government) to give flu jabs to as many patients as possible. Thatís £30,000 a year for absolutely no extra work. So, surprise, surprise, most GPs tend to support vaccination programmes.

Second, if the medical profession and the political establishment ever admitted the truth Ė that vaccines do more harm than good Ė doctors and governments will find themselves on the expensive end of millions of lawsuits.

So doctors and politicians will never admit that vaccines are useless and dangerous.

And sloppy journalists who simply print what they are told just make things worse.

My advice: I suggest you donít trust any doctor, journalist or politician who claims that vaccines are safe and effective.

Copyright Vernon Coleman 2018

NB I would happily debate the issue of vaccination with any doctor on radio or television. But no radio or television programme will allow me to do so. What does that tell you about the pro-vaccination argument? If you donít believe me, ask your favourite radio presenter to arrange a vaccination debate between Dr Vernon Coleman and any doctor who supports vaccination. And then stand back and wait for the excuses.

Vernon Colemanís book on vaccines and vaccination is packed with scientific truths showing just how dangerous vaccination can be Ė and showing how doctors and the media have distorted the truth and suppressed the evidence showing how dangerous vaccines can be. The book (entitled: Anyone Who Tells You Vaccines Are Safe and Effective is Lying: Hereís the Proof) is available as an ebook on Amazon.