Fuck off Frogs!

Vernon Coleman

French politicians have claimed that Brexiteers are liars and that Britain will suffer for daring to defy the Nazis who created the European Union.

Someone should remind the politicians that most French voters with brains want to leave the EU but do not have the courage to take back their freedom, their independence, their country and their currency. Intelligent French folk hate living in a German suburb but are too afraid to do anything about it.

The French are good at surrendering. It's what they do best.

Remember World War II?

The French lasted about three minutes before surrendering to the Nazis and starting to learn German.

I have long felt that the French flag should be a white hanky tied to a stick.

The English and Welsh archers at Agincourt waved two fingers at the French to show that their arrow firing fingers were in good working order.

That's the origin of the `fuck you' V sign.

So, let's all wave two fingers in the direction of France.

Fuck off France!

Britain will be a strong and independent nation when France has been lost in the United States of Germany.

Copyright Vernon Coleman 2018