The Truth about Vaccination is Being Suppressed

Dr Vernon Coleman MB ChB DSc FRSA

In the 1850s, doctors were still bleeding and purging their patients. Doctors prescribed arsenic and used leeches on a daily basis.

We now laugh at treatments that were considered sensible at the time.

But many of the things we do now are going to astonish people in a few decades time.

And vaccination is top of the list.

I believe it is barbaric, unscientific, dangerous and enormously profitable for both drug companies and doctors.

Inevitably, therefore, the EU (which, like a good fascist organisation, always obeys lobbyists and does what big companies wants it to do) is introducing a new law saying that parents who don’t have their children vaccinated will be fined.

As I have been warning for many years, prison is the obvious next step.

In the United States, unvaccinated children are banned from some public places – including being suspended from school. I suspect this is being done to force parents to have children vaccinated.

In the UK, the Health Secretary has called for legislation forcing social media companies ‘to remove content promoting false information about vaccines’. (I suspect that by ‘false’ he means information that has not been approved by the drug companies.)

And worldwide, Facebook (which allows all sorts of dangerous stuff about self-harm and terrorism) has banned adverts containing anti-vaccine content.

I have long believed that vaccinating babies and small children is a form of child abuse.

And it seems to me rather surreal that the EU is now introducing a new law to punish parents who do not abuse their children.

What can parents do if they have looked at the evidence and decided that they don’t want their child vaccinated?

Well, they could ask their doctor for a certificate confirming that she or he guarantees that the vaccine they want to give their child is safe and effective – and that the child will not be harmed in any way.

It’s a fair request.

After all, why would you risk giving a medicine to a healthy child if the medicine wasn’t totally safe and effective?

My bet is that not many doctors would sign such a certificate.

So, parents who cannot obtain written reassurance can tell the court that they didn’t have the vaccination done because the doctor wouldn’t confirm that it was safe and effective.

I have been writing about vaccination for around 50 years but I suspect this may be one of the last articles I will be allowed to publish online.

This is a frightening oppression of free speech.

In my small book about vaccines (Anyone who tells you vaccines are safe and effective is lying) I provided ample evidence supporting the title. I have frequently offered to debate the issue but the Department of Health and the medical establishment now refuse to debate with me for the simple reason that they always lose the argument. The facts are on my side.

Vaccination is unscientific mumbo jumbo. It is black magic. And it is very profitable.

If you want to see facts which have been suppressed by drug companies, doctors and politicians please read my book. I don’t care if you buy it or borrow a copy from your library (if they dare to stock it): just read it. I think you might be shocked.

This is probably the last time I will be allowed to put anything on this website about vaccination.

Copyright Vernon Coleman March 29th 2019

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