Vaccination Kills

Dr Vernon Coleman MB ChB DSc FRSA

You should know these things about vaccination:

1. No one else will tell you this, but vaccinations kill and maim more people than the diseases they are supposed to prevent. Historically, the evidence proves this very clearly (as I have shown in my books). American statistics also prove this. The UK refuses to release the relevant figures because the authorities know that these will prove that vaccinations do far more harm than good.

2. Every doctor I know of who has spoken out against vaccination has been struck off the medical register – in my opinion, usually for doubtful reasons. (I have not been struck off but I did have to remove my name when the General Medical Council introduced EU paperwork requirements which are impossible for a doctor to meet when he has retired from clinical practice.) There is nothing more likely to result in a doctor’s professional ruin than speaking out against vaccination. The profession will forgive doctors who sleep with their patients, who abuse alcohol or drugs or who prescribe in a dangerous way. But those who question vaccination are never forgiven.

3. The media (including the internet) have been instructed not to allow any debate or discussion of vaccination side effects, dangers or shortcomings. On the internet, articles questioning the effectiveness or safety of vaccination are suppressed. No TV or radio station will allow me to debate the value of vaccination. I’m a Sunday Times bestselling author with over two million books sold in the UK and books translated into 25 languages. But when over 600 copies of my book on vaccination were sent out to newspapers and magazines not one review was ever published.

4. I have been threatened, lied about and fired because of my campaigning. My phones are tapped. My website has been hacked into on many occasions and destroyed twice. I’ve been threatened with lawsuits more times than I can remember. I’ve had private detectives nosing into my life and process servers banging on my door. One writ server brought so much paperwork he had to put it through the cat flap – it wouldn’t go through the letterbox. Oh, and there was one threatened `hit’ which Interpol thought serious enough to merit investigation. There is an old Japanese saying: `The nail that sticks out gets pounded down’ which seems appropriate.

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