Vaccines and Mercury

Dr Vernon Coleman MB ChB DSc FRSA

Mercury is an extremely toxic substance. It can harm the brain, heart, lungs, kidneys and immune system. Mercury in the blood of young children may do harm to the developing nervous system – causing a failure of brain development. Mercury can also cause muscle weakness and poor coordination. Simply inhaling mercury can do significant damage to nervous, digestive and immune systems. Once it is in the human body mercury stays there for weeks or months.

For many years, some vaccines have contained thiomersal, which is a mercury compound used as a preservative. Thiomersal has been used in vaccine production since the 1930s.

Those who promote and support the use of vaccines say that the mercury in vaccines is safe and that there is no scientific evidence to support any claim that the substance can cause serious health problems – including autism.

In some countries, it is claimed that the vaccines used for small children and infants no longer contained thiomersal. (But, of course, the production and marketing of vaccines is a global business.)

However, the authorities have a habit of lying about vaccines (and other health issues) and according to the World Health Organisation thiomersal is used during vaccine production to help maintain a sterile production line.

Is thiomersal still used in this way? That would enable the authorities to claim that mercury is not a constituent.

Moreover, as far as I am aware, no scientific research has been done to find out if thiomersal is safe for human consumption.

It is an indisputable fact, however, that the incidence of autism has soared as the number of vaccinations being given has risen.

And it is also an indisputable fact that most of the 'experts’ providing advice on the safety of vaccines have a vested interest in the promotion of vaccines in that they either work (full or part time) for drug companies or are paid to give vaccinations.

Those promoting the use of vaccines dismiss all suggestions that mercury in vaccines could be dangerous. They say there is no good research proving that there is a risk.

But they cannot provide evidence for their claim that the mercury in vaccines is safe.

Because, as far as I am aware, no research into the safety of mercury in vaccines has been done.

If anyone who supports the use of vaccines (particularly those containing mercury) would like to send me any scientific evidence showing that vaccines containing mercury are safe then I would be very happy to review the evidence on this website.

However, I think the chances of that happening are probably even smaller than the chances of Theresa May suddenly telling the truth and behaving honourably.

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