Welcome to Our World

Vernon Coleman

1. A woman judge recently told a serial drink driver that if she had been a man she would have gone to prison. But because she was a woman she was being given another chance. Can you imagine the outcry if a male judge had let off a male driver because he was male?
2. Civil servants and MPs are being offered counselling to help them through the stress of Brexit. It was these bastards who caused the stress of Brexit! The people who need counselling are the people who voted Leave and who have been cheated by a Parliament of Liars.
3. The incoming president of the National Union Students (Zamzam Ibrahim) has reportedly written `Id oppress white people just to give them a taste of what they put us through! She also said that everyone should read The Koran and added `We would have an Islamic takeover. Ms Ibrahim replaces Shakira Martin, a mother of two who did not go to university and who reportedly told some students that they had to choose between being black and being Muslim. Ms Martin replaced Malia Bouattia, the first female Muslim leader of the NUS.
4. Prince Harry, who has no medical training and absolutely no experience of anything remotely resembling real life wants to tell us all how to cope with our mental health issues and is apparently hiring people (presumably at our expense) to enable him do this.
5. Female theatre directors are enthusiastically casting women in Shakespearean roles written for men. Who will be the first theatre director to hire men to play Lady Macbeth, Desdemona, Portia, Juliet and Ophelia?

Copyright Vernon Coleman April 2019