When Vaccination Becomes Compulsory

Dr Vernon Coleman MB ChB DSc FRSA

It is now pretty well illegal to tell the truth about vaccines and vaccination – or to write anything criticising vaccination.

And it won’t be long before vaccination will be compulsory.

`What are you going to do when it is compulsory?’ asked a friend.

`I had a really bad reaction the last time I had a vaccination,’ I said. `I nearly died. I can’t remember what the vaccine was but I obviously can’t have another vaccine.’

`What if the doctor insists on giving you a vaccine when it is compulsory?’

`I’ll show her a note I’ve written and tell her I have given copies to my solicitor and to friends. The note says that I am allergic to vaccines and that I fear that I will die if I have another one. I doubt if any doctor would dare stick a needle into me with a copy of that note sitting on their desk. They wouldn’t have a leg to stand on in court.’

`Golly,’ said my friend. `In a way it was lucky that you had a bad reaction, wasn’t it?’

`Yes, I suppose it was,’ I agreed.

Copyright Vernon Coleman April 2019