Thirty Facts You Should Know About The EU (taken from the book 'England Our England' by Vernon Coleman)

1. The phrase European Economic Community was invented by Nazi Hermann Goerring. The phrase United States of Europe was invented by Adolf Hitler. (page 122).

2. Not one citizen in any of the 15 nations in the E.U. has ever been asked if they wanted to join the E.U. (page 15).

3. Every English taxpayer pays 450 a year for membership of the E.U. For every 1 England receives from the E.U. the English taxpayer must hand over 4.15 to the E.U. (page 19).

4. Joining the euro will cost every Englishman, Englishwoman and English child 650 in hard cash. (page 25)

5. Corrupt E.U. staff are immune from prosecution. (page 27)

6. Fraud costs the E.U. between 4 and 8 billion a year. (page 28).

7. The E.U. is planning a chemical testing programme which will involve pointlessly torturing and killing 50 million animals. The programme will be partly paid for with money contributed by English taxpayers. (page 28)

8. More than half of the world's most useful inventions since 1945 were made by Englishmen and Englishwomen. (page 29)

9. The European Union will shortly ban the sale of effective vitamin therapies (much to the delight and profit of large drug companies). (page 32)

10. The E.U. now takes precedence over the Queen of England and the Government is rewriting oaths of allegiance. Policemen, members of the armed forces and civil servants will swear oaths of allegiance to the E.U. (page 33)

11. The E.U. wants to ban political parties which disapprove of the E.U. (page 33)

12. The Labour Government is trying to abolish trial by jury in England. They are doing this because the E.U. has told them they must. (page 35)

13. Members of Europol (Europe's new official police force) are armed and `immune from the law'. (page 35)

14. The E.U. spends 600 million a year telling English university students the value of England being part of the E.U. (page 36)

15. The E.U. banned firemen's' poles in English fire stations because bureaucrats in Brussels were worried that firemen might hurt themselves. The bureaucrats also felt that the poles might pose a hazard to blind and disabled firemen. (page 39)

16. The Labour Government's Regional Assemblies will mean the end of England. (page 39)

17. As a result of E.U. policies the average English family has to pay an extra 1,000 a year on food. (page 47)

18. The E.U. keeps files on people who might one day be suspected of doing something contrary to E.U. law. The E.U. keeps at least 56 different types of information about each suspect (including racial origins, religion and political affiliations). If you're reading this the chances are that Big Brother is watching you. (Page 47)

19. England has over 600 billion invested in pension savings - and has unfunded pension liabilities of 4,000 per head. But if England joins the euro English pension debts will rise to 30,000 a head. If we join the E.U. our pension savings will be handed over to the E.U. and shared out among E.U. countries whose citizens have not saved enough. England will have to take on part of the E.U.'s 1,200 billion pension debt. Your pension will be in peril. (Page 49)

20. England's oil reserves are worth over 250 billion. The E.U. now regards those reserves as a `shared E.U. resource'. (page 50)

21. The Government has handed England's 32 billion worth of gold and dollar reserves over to the E.U. (page 52)

22. The number of laws created by the E.U.'s bureaucrats in Brussels far exceeds the number of laws passed by England's parliament in its first 700 years. (page 64)

23. Duty free sales were abolished to make the E.U. look like one big country. (page 65).

24. The European Court of Justice now has the authority to overturn laws made by the English parliament, and verdicts delivered by English courts. European courts and laws now take precedence over English courts and laws. (page 73)

25. If the E.U. has its way (and it will) the England cricket, football and rugby teams will disappear. (page 82)

26. The European Commission President wants to create an inner core of `fewer than 10' unelected, unaccountable vice presidents who will run the new Eurostate. (page 87)

27. The E.U. spends over 1 billion a year supporting the production of poor quality tobacco - which is too poisonous for sale in the E.U. but which must be `dumped' on undeveloped countries. Many Greek, Spanish and French farmers exist on these tobacco grants. (page 88)

28. The new E.U. army of 60,000 soldiers will soon replace the English army. The English army (and its traditions) will disappear. (page 97)

29. Every new E.U. law, directive and regulation must be translated into each of 11 official E.U. languages. By the year 2004 the E.U. will have 21 official languages and the E.U. will have to find tens of thousands of skilled and honest interpreters able to translate Estonian into Polish, Czech into Maltese, Dutch into Hungarian etc etc. There will be 420 possible interpreting combinations. The E.U. will become even more unwieldy than it already is. (page 121)

30. It will soon be illegal for England to withdraw from the E.U. If we join the euro it will be impossible to leave. (page 122).

Copyright Vernon Coleman 2003

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