A Ban is a Ban is a Ban

Dr Vernon Coleman

Some websites and commentators who are still allowed to use social media have apparently banned me and wonít share my articles because I have said that I believe that the evidence shows that covid-19 was the ordinary flu Ė and not a man-made weapon. I also believe that the CIA and FBI et al are deliberately promoting their Wuhan theory because it increases the fear massively (`itís a weapon not the fluí) and removes the idea (which Iíve carefully promoted for three years) that the conspiratorial globalists adopted the flu as the basis for a fake pandemic.

Censoring me and banning me for sharing an honest, logical viewpoint based on the facts is exactly what YouTube and all the social media sites have done.

If you ban people because you donít like something they say (even if you agree with most of what they say) then you are part of the problem. Censorship is censorship. Incidentally, some of the people who claim (in denial of all scientific evidence) that there are no germs are frequently guilty of the same thing as the Wuhan theorists.

For truth-tellers the world is becoming smaller by the day.

The bottom line is that the censors are helping the globalists. And the wicked censors and manipulators such as the people who work for YouTube, Wikipedia and Google are, in the end, no worse than the censors who are driven by unsustainable and damaging convictions that covid was made in a lab, that the earth is flat, that there are no such things as germs and that the oil isnít running out. (Damaging because those who favour such eccentric notions make us all look like lunatics and prevent educated folk from listening to us.)

Censors are all as bad and as dangerous as one another.

From a personal point of view I would point out that I have been attacked, libelled and censored by governments, drug companies and the medical establishment for well over 50 years and I have never wavered in my determination to share truths with my readers. I will not waiver now because a few lunatics (and some CIA operated bots) abuse and censor me.

And, I would add that we have bigger things to worry about than the topics which seem to obsess the noisy few. We are approaching nuclear war and the evils of social credit, digital currency, digital identities are upon us. Oh, and for those who havenít noticed, `theyí have now added the covid-19 jab to routine childhood vaccination programmes in the U.S. (See my latest video for horrifying evidence.)

Copyright Vernon Coleman April 2023

Vernon Colemanís original book on the covid fraud was called `Coming Apocalypseí. It was first published in April 2020. It is available via the bookshops on www.vernoncoleman.com and www.vernoncoleman.org