The Abandoned Ones

Dr Vernon Coleman

The medical profession has chosen to abandon people of my age. It feels strange. I donít think anything like this has happened before in the history of medicine.

Some doctors and administrators have made it pretty clear that thereís a chance that no hospital would treat me. It seems that anyone the wrong side of 70 is too old to be treated by the NHS.

Hospitals are full of empty beds but theyíre not likely to be available to people of my age. Life is now a bit like a tightrope walk without a safety net.

If I fall in the garden and break my arm then thereís a chance that Iím not going to be treated. The hospitals are apparently too busy waiting for the young coronavirus patients who might or might not turn up. If I have a retinal detachment then Iíll just have to put up with it. If I have chest pains then itíll be two aspirin and wait and see what happens.

Covid-19 (the rebranded flu Ė or whatever you want to think of it) has turned the elderly into second class citizens. Or, more accurately, into non-citizens.

And so these are worrying times to be old and unwanted.

Itís on my mind so I just thought Iíd mention it.

If it had happened by accident it would be terrible. But itís all been deliberate. And that makes it worse.

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