The Truth about Ethanol

Dr Vernon Coleman

Greens like to pretend that ethanol (fuel made from grains or sugar) is a new idea thought up by them.

Itís not.

In 1908, Henry Ford designed his Model T motor car to run on ethanol. And before that ethanol was used as motor fuel in Germany.

Ethanol was abandoned because gasoline and diesel are better in every way.

And because when fuel is made out of grains and sugar the number of people starving goes up.

A century ago, it was thought to be a BAD thing to deliberately increase the number of people starving to death.

Today, climate change nutters and greens think itís a GOOD thing.

The greens donít care about people starving, of course.

Most climate change nutters are middle class yuppies who live in rich countries where they themselves arenít at risk of starving. They know there will be enough yoghurt and soya for their needs.


Donít you just hate them?

So, how did ethanol become popular again?

Thatís easy.

And actually the greens had nothing to do with it.

A decade or so ago, traders, lobbyists and very rich businesses gave loads of money to the US Government and asked for massive financial help for the developing ethanol industry.

By 2011 the American ethanol industry was using a sixth of all the corn on the planet. A sixth!

The result was soaring food prices and mass starvation.

And happy greens who thought theyíd died and gone to heaven.

What a pity they hadnít.

Copyright Vernon Coleman January 2022

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