According to the EU, Gibraltar is part of SW England

Vernon Coleman

If Britons have to vote for MEPs to represent them in the European Parliament they will vote in regions.

The regions show the way that England has been divided up by the eurocrats in Brussels.

Electors who vote for MEPs in the South West of England will be voting with the people of Gibraltar.

Because, as far as the EU is concerned, Gibraltar is part of South West England.

(You will remember that the people of Gibraltar were allowed to vote in the Brexit Referendum. They voted for the Nazis.)

Actually, the EU is being nice to us.

Iíve seen the map theyíve drawn up for the future.

And South East England and a bit of Northern France are part of the same region.

Itís all part of the EUís long-term plan to break up traditional sovereign countries into regions within the new United States of Europe. Hitler knew he had to break up individual nations.

Copyright Vernon Coleman May 2019

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