Heresy: A Challenge for the BBC

Vernon Coleman

The BBC claims that comedians on a programme called Heresy can say controversial things – such talking about throwing acid (at Brexiteers) – because they are supposed to be funny and cutting edge.

The truth, of course, is that the BBC is sexist, ageist, racist and as bent as a paperclip, and only allows controversial remarks which fit the BBC’s fascist and neo-Nazi policies.

Here are some remarks that the BBC Heresy programme wouldn’t have the balls to broadcast – because they don’t fit in with the Corporation’s views.

1. `Global Warming is a myth and the ten-year-old morons who are now creating environmental policies for the EU should be given a good spanking and sent to bed without any supper.’
2. `Women’s sport is a joke. So few people watch it that they’re going to hold the Women’s World Cup Final at a time to suit the spectator.’
3. `People wanting jobs at the BBC have to prove that they’re blonde and blue eyed. And every lunchtime, BBC employees must spend thirty minutes goose-stepping up and down the corridors.’
4. `Eurocrats are redesigning the EU flag so that instead of little stars it includes little swastikas.’
5. `All Remainers are so useless that they should be gassed.’

There you are, BBC. You can have those little `jokes’ without charge. In fact I’ll consider paying the TV licence fee if you use any of them.

Copyright Vernon Coleman June 2019