Is Britain About to Become A Communist Country?

Vernon Coleman

Leading conservative politicians have been so intent on thwarting Brexit, denying democracy and forcing an unwilling population to remain slaves of the EU that they seem to have overlooked the fact that even large, rich and previously successful political parties can fail.

So, for example, the Whigs were doing pretty well in the 19th century. Melbourne led Whig Governments.

And the Liberals used to be massively successful.

Gladstone, Palmerston and Asquith ran Liberal Governments.

The Tories can (and might well) go to the same electoral graveyard as the Whigs and the Liberals.

Serve Ďem right.

Unfortunately, it will give Britain its first ever communist government.

If Corbyn becomes Prime Minister, we will be one of very few communist countries in the world.

There will be China, North Korea, Vietnam, Laos, Cuba and us.

And Corbyn will do whatever his teenage fan club tells him to do.

The Americans wonít have anything to do with us.

And even the EU will want to keep us at armís length.

So, there is that upside.

Copyright Vernon Coleman April 2019