Coronavirus – A Conspiracy

Dr Vernon Coleman MB ChB DSc FRSA

We haven’t been told the truth about the coronavirus.

No Government could possibly be as inept as this one has been in 'managing’ this alleged sudden outbreak – unless there was something else going on.

If the Government really wanted to protect us they would have closed airports and banned flights and international travel.

But they didn’t.

And why should we trust what we are told about the coronavirus?

We all know that Governments lie to the citizens all the time.

Governments lied incessantly about the wars in Iraq, Afghanistan and elsewhere. We were told we were fighting for freedom but everyone with functioning cerebral tissue knows we were fighting for oil.

Governments around the world lie constantly about the safety and effectiveness of vaccines. Robert F.Kennedy Jr recently claimed that in America the vaccine industry has `captured’ the regulatory agencies including the World Health Organisation. `No vaccine has ever been safety tested with a real placebo’. The bottom line is that four vaccine manufacturers in the USA make $60 billion a year selling vaccines and $500 billion a year selling medications for the diseases the vaccines cause.

So, why should we believe anything we are told about the coronavirus?

I now suspect that the coronavirus has been outside China for some time – almost certainly for at least a month and probably longer.

And, although I have struggled to suppress my suspicions, I now firmly believe there is a hidden agenda here.

What is it?

Well, actually, there are two.

The first possibility is that Governments around the world are going to `discover’ a wonderful vaccine. And it will be compulsory. Once the coronavirus vaccine has been made compulsory the precedent will have been set. And all vaccines will be compulsory. Can it really be a coincidence that for months now the authorities (aided by the media) have been demonising anyone who questions the effectiveness and safety of vaccination? All discussion is now banned and doctors can lose their licences if they dare to question vaccination.

The second possibility is that the vaccine is designed to get rid of a huge demographic problem: the number of old people in the world. Rising populations and falling birth rates mean that there are huge problems ahead. Who will pay for pensions and health care for the huge numbers of elderly folk around?

Well, one convenient thing about this virus appears to be that it seems to target the elderly. That’s unusual. Very few, if any, diseases attack only the elderly. Bugs of all sorts usually attack the weak, the frail, the very old and the very young. But this one, so we are told, targets the elderly – not just the weakest but all people over 70. And that is very strange.

Is it possible that the bug has been designed to kill off older folk? It would not be difficult to do.

But no one seems to find this strange or worrying.

Indeed, over the last few days, there have been numerous instances of people cheering at the thought of a virus which will kill the old. `It will clear hospital beds,’ said one. `It only kills oldies,’ said another, dismissing the virus as irrelevant. Social media users have been cheering the fact that millions of old people may die.

If someone had said `It only kills gays’ or `It only affects Arabs’ or `It only targets Jews’ – the police would have been on their doorstep in minutes. They would, rightly, have been arrested, charged and thrown into prison.

But you can say what you like about the elderly and no one cares.

Is this the beginning of a great `cleansing’ of modern societies? Get rid of the old folk and preserve the planet for the bright, young things?

I’m afraid my twin fears cannot be dismissed as paranoid delusions.

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Copyright Vernon Coleman March 7th 2020