Dr Mohammad Adil

Dr Vernon Coleman

The best news to arrive on my desk for quite a while is that Dr Mohammad Adil will not now have to wait until July to find out if his licence to practise surgery is going to be restored.

Readers and viewers will remember that late last year I made a video (the transcript appears on both my websites) in which I told the story of how Dr Mohammad Adil had been savagely treated by the General Medical Council in the UK after he had criticised the covid fraud. His licence to practise medicine was suspended in June 2020.

Nearly 30,000 people watched the video about him on BNT alone – and the video was widely copied elsewhere. Over £15,000 was raised for him with the help of kind people who watched the video.

Well, Dr Adil hasn’t quite got his licence back but the great news is that the GMC hearing to decide what happens to him has been brought forward to 11th January 2022 – instead of sometime in July.

Dr Adil says `I hope truth will prevail with the grace of God Almighty.’

And so say I.

In order to be ready to start work as soon as the suspension is lifted Dr Adil tells me that he has maintained his skills by doing courses and attending workshops and international surgical conferences. He’s done two appraisals since his suspension. I doubt if anyone could have done more to help himself.

If Dr Adil does get his licence back next week it is a true indication of people power. There were some comments from doubters on the video – with people saying that the GMC wouldn’t listen. Well, the GMC has listened to us!

Many, many thanks to all those who supported Dr Adil.

If Dr Adil doesn’t get his licence back then I think he should take the GMC to court to fight them. The GMC is supposed to protect patients and not to condemn a man for having the courage to express opinions which question the medical establishment – a medical establishment which I believe has spread lies and promoted an experimental and toxic product for reasons which have nothing to do with public safety. (That’s my view of the medical establishment, by the way!)

If Dr Adil is reinstated then I believe he would be in a sound position to claim for damages. He has lost 21 months of income. He has been through massive psychological stress.

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